How do I add a personalised number?

To get started with personalising your shirt, select the “Add MYID Personalisation” option:

From there, a dialogue box will open that allows you to customize the name on your shirt.

Type in the number(s) you require into the text box and these will be added to the back of your shirt.

We try to maintain parity with league and club shirt designs. All large numbers on England football shirts will feature the Three Lions logo on the bottom of the digits, numbers on Premier League shirts will feature the Premier League lion crest on the bottom of the digits, numbers on Rangers shirts will include the Rangers crest on the bottom of the digits, numbers on La Liga shirts will have each club’s respective club crest on the bottom of the digits and numbers on SPL shirts will have the SPL trophy on the bottom of the digits.

Please ensure all chosen number(s) and sizes are correctly entered. Once we’ve personalised a product, it can only be exchanged or refunded if it is found to be faulty. Also, because there are no set squad numbers for any player, they are subject to change at any time. We cannot accept liability for changes to players' squad numbers on pre-printed shirts or bespoke personalised shirts.

All shirts that are being personalised will take an additional 24 hours processing time after you have received your order processed email confirmation. If you have selected next day delivery you will still receive the premium delivery but with an additional delay due to the 24-hour personalisation process.

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